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Links to Alvin Boyd Kuhn and Gerald Massey archives

Alvin Boyd Kuhn and Gerald Massey have done a lot of research into the myths and religions of this world.

Alvin Boyd Kuhn wrote many books documenting his in-depth research into the pagan origin of Christianity. You can find an overview of his work here
Sept.,2008: This includes Gerald Massey's lectures too and a searchform for my new sit, including Kuhn's and Massey's writings.

Gerald Massey was the teacher of Kuhn. Massey was one of the few truly independent researchers of religion. He was known for his vast knowledge of religious symbolism. Among his works you can find research respecting ancient Egyptian civilization (see: Massey lectures) and its symbols. He wrote about the Christian belief too. Take a look at his work
Sept.,2008: This includes Kuhn's writings too and a searchform for my new site., including said authors work.